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Issues that need to be addressed during both design and operation of a bioreactor landfill include:
Increased gas emissions
Increased odors
Physical instability of waste mass due to increased moisture and density
Instability of liner systems
Surface seeps
Landfill fires

Residents of Thornhill write to Markham Council in support of German Mills Meadow & Natural Habitat to be included into Markham Park System and to say final NO to aerobic bioreactor in the greenspace near residential houses

We encourage you to write your own personal letter to all Councillors to support our greenspace. Please send your emails to these addresses: hshore@markham.ca; clerks@markham.ca; fscarpitti@markham.ca; jheath@markham.ca; vburke@markham.ca; joeli@markham.ca; achiu@markham.ca; alan.ho@markham.ca; info@germanmills.org; jjones@markham.ca; glandon@markham.ca; dhamilton@markham.ca; cmoretti@markham.ca;…

Side effects of aerobic / bioreactor technologies

Special Considerations of Bioreactor Landfills Several considerations about bioreactor landfills must be examined and understood before the EPA can identify specific bioreactor standards or recommend operating parameters. Bioreactor landfills generally are engineered systems that have…