SPRA History in Pictures

On May 29, 2013, Settlers Park Residents Association (SPRA) will celebrate its first year. We invite you to watch SPRA History in pictures. Please follow the links below to see the slideshows of the significant events or just the fun time enjoyed by SPRA members.

First Public Meeting of SPRA on May 30 2012. Watch slideshow …green_right_arrowRigby starts the meeting

First SPRA Park Clean-Up, June 10, 2012. Watch slideshow …green_right_arrowimage13

SPRA works with Councillors, MPs to convience them to support German Mills Settlers Park. June 2012 Watch slideshow …green_right_arrow

SPRA Community Rally – Protect the greenspace! June 24, 2012.Watch slideshow …green_right_arrowIMG_6073

Preparing for Council Meeting on June 25 2012.Watch slideshow …green_right_arrowIMG_6113--SPRA-Settlers-Park-Residents-Association--2012-06-25-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-germanmills.org

Historic Council Meeting on June 26, 2012. Bioereactor is Dead! Watch slideshow …green_right_arrowYork Region Photo form article - bb2c555c45049b727f588dc4371e_Content

Celebrating the Victory. @ Art’s. July 2, 2012 Watch slideshow …green_right_arrowIMG_6273-SPRA-2012-07-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-Settlers-Park-Party

SPRA Potluck: Celebrate the Park! September 9, 2012. Watch slideshow …green_right_arrowIMG_7065cr

SPRA Thanksgiving Park Walk with TFN, October 8, 2012 Watch slideshow …green_right_arrowIMG_7334

SPRA Park Clean-up, April 14, 2012 Watch slideshow …green_right_arrowspra-settlers-park-clean-up-2

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