Sample Letter to Councillors

June XXXX, 2012

Dear Councillor XXXXXX

It has been over 37 years since the closure of the Sabiston Landfill in the German Mills area of Thornhill. Since that time this area has clearly become a ‘green-space’ and is used by many on a daily basis for hiking or just observing the wonderful natural space and wildlife which have come to consider this area their home.

The vegetation in this area consists of tall and short grasses, forbs (non-woody herbaceous plants with broad leaves, such as goldenrod, teasel, and asters), as well as a few scattered shrubs and trees. Along with areas on the east side of Settlers’ Park which are mainly forested or mowed, this grassland contributes to a diversity of habitats within the park.

Over 70 bird species and 15 mammal species have been identified in this area, making it a rich and valuable resource. This site is also home to amphibians and reptiles (including frogs, Snapping turtles, Garter Snakes, and Little Brown Snakes), several species of fish, and many varieties of insects. In recent years salmon have also spawned in the German Mills Creek.

Markham’s own Greenprint Sustainability Plan states: “we value and restore the natural environment and protect biodiversity, natural capital and ecosystem services.”

We fully support and endorse the Motion tabled by Councillor Shore on June 12th and ask that you vote in favour of the Motion at your Council meeting on June 26th. For the sake of our community – do not defer this or ask for yet another staff report.

On May 27, 2012 the Settlers Park Residents Association was officially established specifically to oppose the proposed aerobic pilot project.

The neighborhoods of German Mills and Settlers Park believed that we had fully dealt with this issue six years ago. At that time, we met with then-Councillor Shapero, staff, took tours of other former landfill sites and met with many of the same consultants, engineers and academics as are once again trying to force upon us a project we rejected six years ago.




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2 thoughts on “Sample Letter to Councillors

  1. Turner white
    June 24, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    also please reverse decison on parcle of land at warden and highway seven, for a furture hospital unionville ,too much condominum.this site will be close to all amenity. infact the twenty thousand seats arena,we need this site for a new hospital.