David Suzuki Foundation has began recruiting for teams of Butterflyway Rangers across the country, including Markham!

David Suzuki Foundation has just shared with us their call for recruitment! They invite your friends, neighbours and other lovely people that may be interested in being a Markham Ranger, especially folks that live in the Cornell/Greensborough area. And for any past Rangers that want to be involved, please fill out the recruitment form too. DSF love to have you involved again this summer!


Want to help bees and butterflies and get involved in your community? This is your chance! The David Suzuki Foundation is now recruiting residents to join the Butterflyway Project as our 2018 Butterflyway Rangers.

Our team of Rangers will commit to volunteering with the project this summer, helping at community events and butterfly-friendly plantings at schools and parks. In return, Rangers will get free community leadership training and learn about the wonders of bees, butterflies and wildflowers.

Apply to be a Markham Butterflyway Ranger: https://goo.gl/e628Uv

We’re looking for up to two dozen keen volunteers from Markham to become Butterflyway Rangers this spring. If you live outside of this area, feel free to apply too.

With our help, Rangers will go back to their neighbourhoods with a mission: To create a local Butterflyway by planting at least a dozen new butterfly gardens in yards, schoolyards, boulevards and parks.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to get involved in your community, this is your chance. We always offer a Ranger guarantee: You will learn lots, meet inspiring people from your community and have a ton of fun! Apply today.



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