Arena Freedom Day

July first became "Arena Freedom Day". However there was nary a word about the death the of GTA centre on the city website. 

As has been stated… The "A word” is unwelcome at city hall. The endless arena debate on the financial framework for an NHL-ready rink to be funded with taxpayer’s dollars had lasted over 2 years. 

After a series of special meetings last December, the council vote suddenly shifted when residents rose and refused to be bullied any longer. While 7 on council had favoured backing a bank loan to build the Arena with public money, there was an election looming in October and only two stayed the course. The GTASE promoter was given an additional 6 months to find 100% private funding and failed. 

To add to the arena agony there were 25 extra days tacked on for good measure because of a clerical miscue stating June 2014 instead of date declared as six months from that day in December 5 meaning June 5.


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