People reported aggressive animals that looked like dogs or coyotes in Thornhill.

People reported aggressive coyotes in Thornhill.

On June 24 several newspapers published information about either coyotes or dogs on the lose who reportedly attacked some people. Here is the review of information on this subject from local newspapers.


Loose dogs report leads to rec program cancellation in Thornhill

Thornhill Liberal

By  Bernie O’Neill

Markham staff led by the York Regional Police with the OSPCA are working  to trap two loose dogs, believed to be either German Shepherds or possibly coyotes.

Last night, there were reports of two animal attacks in the Huntington Park area.

Until the animals are removed, the city is cancelling recreational programs in Huntington Park; Bayview Reservoir; Thornlea Secondary School; Thornlea East Park; Green Lane Park; Bishops Cross Park; St. Roberts Field; Duncan Park; and Bayview Fairways school in the interest of public safety.

These animals have not been seen today by authorities. Residents in any wooded or ravine areas in the area bordered by Hwy. 407, John Street, Bayview Avenue and Hwy. 404 were being urged to exercise caution and keep their children and animals closely supervised until these dangerous animals are removed.

If members of the community see the animals, they should seek shelter and then call 911 immediately to report the incident. Members of the public are warned not to approach or attempt to feed or trap these animals.

The school boards have been advised to put the local schools on alert.

The Star recently also reported about coyotes near Thornhill

Coyote-like animals on the loose in Thornhill

Police are still searching for two “coyote-like” animals after they attacked two women in Thornhill and chased several residents into their homes

Coyotes have been making appearances in the GTA in recent years. Paul Nash saw this coyote in a Mississauga soccer field on Sat. Oct. 13, 2012.


Coyotes have been making appearances in the GTA in recent years. Paul Nash saw this coyote in a Mississauga soccer field on Sat. Oct. 13, 2012.

By: May Warren Staff Reporter, Published on Tue Jun 24 2014

York Regional Police are still searching for two “coyote-like” animals after they attacked two women and chased several residents into their homes in a Thornhill neighbourhood.

“Right now the general belief is that they are coyotes or perhaps a hybrid,” says Sergeant Clint Whitney.

Whitney says it’s well known that there are coyotes in the area but “this is the first known report of them being aggressive towards humans.”


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The widespread presence of coyotes has become one of the most divisive issues in the GTA

Toronto police too quick to shoot coyote in downtown neighbourhood: Hume

At about 11 a.m. on Monday June 23, several residents on Evergeen Cres. were chased into their homes by two animals who were “acting aggressively.” According to police one resident had to fend off one of them with a rake.

Local resident Arthur Maxwell says he was getting out of his car Monday when his neighbour alerted him to the two wild dogs on the lawn next door.

“They came out attacking and I just sort of backed them off,” he says. He adds that the “fugitives” seemed more like German Shepherds to him because at first they took orders.

But he says several of his neighbours had been scared by them.

“I mean you would be if you saw a couple of dogs charging at you. And they’re not small dogs,” he says.

Maxwell called the police and when they arrived on the scene and tried to approach the animals they attacked them and fled into a nearby wooded area. The officers then pursued the animals and shot at one of them, but they were last seen running further into Huntington Park, which runs parallel to Highway 404.

Shizrah Hasnain,22, who lives close to Huntington park with her family, says she saw officers try to corner one of the animals in the tall grass of the park.

“It went underneath the bush and it got away,” she says.

Later that day, at about 4 p.m., two women were attacked by the same two coyote-like animals, Whitney confirmed. One of them was bitten on the leg. Both received medical treatment for minor injuries.

Officers are still searching for the animals with the help of the Ontario SPCA. Police are urging people in the area bordered by Highway 407, Highway 404, John St. and Bayview Ave. to look out for the animals and call police immediately if they are spotted.

Hasnain says her mother is not letting her sister and younger cousin outside until the wild dogs are found.

“Usually in the summer we go biking in the park, they’re kind of really hesitant to let us go again.”


According to the recent update from Markham staff

There have not been any sightings of the animals since about 3 pm on June 24.

The OSPCA will be at Huntington Park until 8 pm tonight, but will be on 24/7 call.

If residents spot these animals, they should call 911 immediately.

Markham By-law Officers will be on site at Huntington Park until 7:30 pm tonight, and will be on call after that. Our staff will continue to provide updates as they become available, and I will continue to keep Thornhill residents apprised of the situation.


People reported aggressive coyotes in Thornhill.

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