Settlers Park Residents Association Brochure

Settlers Park Residents Association Brochure



Our Mission  

  • To preserve and enhance Settlers Park and German Mills Meadow and Natural Habitat.


  • To seek to ensure the City of Markham fulfills its obligations with respect to the subsidence problems around the Meadow.


  • To be an advocate at the City of Markham for the benefit of local residents.




Settlers Park   &

German Mills Meadow and

Natural Habitat


Settlers Park and the Meadow:


  • Are a valuable resource.


  • Are a great place to walk, run, bike, and snowshoe.


  • Contain a wonderful biodiversity, being home to rare birds, numerous wild animals, and varied plant life.


  • Enhance the value of our homes, because houses close to an attractive meadow are rare and command premium prices.


Benefits of Membership

Contribute to our local community and have a say in the Association’s affairs.

Cost of membership is just $10 per year.

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