SPRA position on the need to add pedestrian crosswalks at John St. and Cottonwood Crt and Chestnut Gate.

Sooner or later someone is going to get seriously hurt crossing John Street to catch the bus!spra position road safety thornhill8

In the past year SPRA has been contacted by the residents demanding a crosswalk on John Street in the Cottonwood Court area.

It’s not a new problem but with the increase in traffic on John Street we feel it needs to be addressed.

Two Google Earth screen shots help to describe the issue.

The first one is larger scale and shows the bus stops (red circles) north and south on John Street.  Working from left to right the first bus stop is at Bayview Fairways drive. At Bayview Fairways and John there is a cross walk (blue) and a traffic light ( black A) and north and south bus stops …. going east on John Street before Dawn Hill Trail there is an on demand cross walk (Black B) from the townhouses to the school and two bus stops (red circles). Bus stops at

Cottonwood Court Crosswalk

Cottonwood Court and Chestnut Gate are also shown.

At this point it helps to look at the larger scale second screen shot:

Cottonwood Court Crosswalk Detail

Cottonwood Court Crosswalk Detail

Continuing east there is a bus stop (north and south) at Cottonwood Court.  This bus stop is approximately 500 feet from the Dawn Hill Trail bus stop and 550 feet from the on demand crosswalk.  If we keep moving east the next bus stop is at Chestnut Gate which is about 500 feet from the bus stop at Cottonwood Court. There is no crosswalk on John Street from the on demand crosswalk at Dawn Hill Trail until you reach Leslie (Don Mills Road). There is no direct or convenient cross road access to these two sets of bus stops.  

It is very frequent situation when we can observe adults and children running across John Street from the south side to the north side to catch a bus at the Chestnut Gate bus stop. They have to run at full speed because of the speed and the volume of traffic.

There are a number of safety concerns we need to deal with.

  • There is a steep hill on John Street and although the speed limit is 50, traffic comes zooming up the hill heading west and it is just not a good idea to have people dodging through traffic to make the bus at the top of a hill. It is not safe for pedestrians to cross nor are drivers expecting pedestrians to be darting out in front of them.
  • It is unreasonable to expect people exiting Chestnut Court or the town houses across the road, north of John Street,  to walk up to 1,000 feet to the crosswalk at Dawn Hill Trail to cross the road. You actually have to walk past THREE bus stops to cross the road at Dawn Hill Trail from Chestnut Court to catch a bus on the other side of the road.  I think we need to address this before someone gets seriously hurt.
  • Without an on demand crosswalk people will continue to take the path of crossing through traffic to catch the bus or simply cross the street.

A crosswalk at Cottonwood Court road would be one option.  The road is more level there, it is not close to the top of the hill so both pedestrians and traffic have more visibility and reaction time.

spra position road safety thornhill

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