German Mills Meadow and Natural Habitat Liaison Group Update: Fixing the underground pipe works planned for Week of April 22

This is just an update of maintenance work scheduled for the next week from the City of Markham.

You can address your questions to me and we will request more info if necessary through the Park Liaison Group.

From my side I just want to request the City to ask the contractors to leave as little mess after themselves as possible upon completion of the work. The past experience shows that after any maintenance work the crews leave deep mud ruts and damaged grass surface as a result of off-road maneuvering as shown in these pictures:

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Hope this time they will be more careful.

Best regards,

Art Pozdnyakov,
SPRA President



Members of German Mills Meadow and Natural Habitat Liaison Group:


The City of Markham is hiring a contractor to excavate near the blower building to fix the underground pipe. This work will eliminate water from entering the gas collection system, and the blower fan and motor and must be done as soon as possible to prevent equipment damage. Please note that the use of a small JCB excavator (backhoe) is necessary.

Timing:                 Week of April 22
Duration:             One day

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Robert Penner, M. A. Sc., P.Eng.
Manager, Utilities, Survey and GIS Assets Database
Asset Management Department
City of Markham | Anthony Roman Centre
101 Town Centre Boulevard
Markham, ON L3R 9W3
Tel: 905-477-7000 x 4550
Cell:  416-301-2865


IMG_20121102_090637-SPRA-2012-11-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-German-Mills-Park-Mud-Ruds IMG_20121102_090704-SPRA-2012-11-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-German-Mills-Park-Mud-Ruds IMG_20121102_090709-SPRA-2012-11-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-German-Mills-Park-Mud-Ruds  IMG_20121102_090724-SPRA-2012-11-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-German-Mills-Park-Mud-Ruds IMG_20121102_090731-SPRA-2012-11-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-German-Mills-Park-Mud-Ruds IMG_20121102_090739-SPRA-2012-11-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-German-Mills-Park-Mud-Ruds IMG_20121102_090804-SPRA-2012-11-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-German-Mills-Park-Mud-Ruds IMG_20121102_090809-SPRA-2012-11-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-German-Mills-Park-Mud-Ruds IMG_20121102_090811-SPRA-2012-11-02-Art-Pozdnyakov-Photo-German-Mills-Park-Mud-Ruds


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