Markham Arena Secret Deals and in-camera meetings rasie concerns of at least two Markham councilors

As reported by The Star, Regional councillor Jim Jones left the in-camera meeting dedicated to disuccsion of Markham Arena $325-million deal.

The Star quotes him and Ward 1 Councillor Valerie Burke who expressed their concerns about lack of transparency around this project.

“I’m sick and tired of all these in camera meetings,” said Markham Councillor Jim Jones “There is no need for this. The public has a right to know what’s going on.”

Councillor Valerie Burke’s reaction to this meeting was also rather critical “We can try to defend ourselves as much as possible by going in camera, but the fact is the public is not happy about it, …I’m not happy to be here.” These quotes and more information about the Council meeting can be found at The Star publication “Markham councillor walks out of secret meeting on $325-million arena project”.

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