Message from AWRA: Thornhill homeowners will save ~ $300 annually

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Thornhill homeowners will save ~ $300 annually in taxes thanks to 4 Thornhill Ratepayers Associations and Ward 1 Councilor Valerie Burke. We were there in support of them.

Councilor Burke worked on the issue since first elected in 2004. Grandview Area RA, German Mills RA, Bayview Glen RA and Thornhill Ward 1 RA had worked on it for more than a decade. We thanked them all on your behalf, and you can do so individually through Councilor Burkes’ email .

Thank you to Councilor Shore for forwarding the Minutes and for being very effective once he joined the initiative. His relentless arguments in favour of the City-wide funding that went till 2:30AM were greatly instrumental to the passing of the Motion. You can thank the Councilor individually at

How they voted :

(highlighted member of council appeared on 2010 Ward 2 voting ballot)

YES:       Councillor Valerie Burke, Councillor Howard Shore, Deputy Mayor Jack Heath, Regional Councillor Jim Jones , Regional Councillor Joe Li, Councillor Don Hamilton,. Councillor Alan Ho, Councillor Logan Kanapathi, (8)

NO:          Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Councillor Colin Campbell, , Councillor Carolina Moretti, (3)

NOT PRESENT*: Regional Councillor Gord Landon, Councillor Alex Chiu. (2)

*Please note that the vote did not take place until 2:30AM.

What happened: Stormsewer Repair Costs To Be Shared

Markham website: Minutes not yet available

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