COMMUNITY RALLY TO STOP THE AEROBIC BIOREACTOR gathered residents on Sunday, June 24 at the German Mills Settlers Park

Residents demand from the Town to show true environmental leadership


Residents from Cottonwood Crt, Pine Knoll Gate, Dawn Hill Trail and many other streets around German Mills Settlers Park as well as representatives of neigbouring communiteis including German Mills Residents Associaiton get together on Sunday June 24 to rally against the aerobic bioreactor pilot project proposal by the Town of Markham and to support Councillor Howard Shore motion to declare the project no longer under consideration by the Town and designate the greenspace as the ‘German Mills Meadow and Natural Habitat’ as recognition of the unique and special character of this site.

The rally was announced by Howard Shore just less than 24 hours in advance, but even at a short notice over 70 residents decided to spend their Sunday morning to support our greenspace.

Councillor Howard Shore and Councillor Don Hamilton came to listen to residents concerns and speak with them about their support of the motion and residents’ initiative to add the greenspace to Markham Park System and let Markham demonstrate environmental leadership.

After the meeting right at the proposed aerobic project site, the rally participants had a walk by the Park and then the most active part rallied by the Cottonwood Crt. with their poster “SPRA – Protect the greenspace” chanting “Save the Greenspace”.

During the rally, new members joined the Association and signed the petition to stop aerobic bioreactor proposal.

It was a great opportunity for the community to know each other better and discover new interesting faces beyond the standard front side walls of our houses. We hope such community actions will help Markham act as true environmental leader!

Watch Videos of the Rally on Youtube:

Watch the slide show:

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3 thoughts on “COMMUNITY RALLY TO STOP THE AEROBIC BIOREACTOR gathered residents on Sunday, June 24 at the German Mills Settlers Park

  1. Susheila
    June 25, 2012 at 8:28 am

    This is great. Will be there Tuesday!

  2. Maira Kazim
    June 26, 2012 at 9:02 am

    Big Thank You to all our neighbours for going extra miles to help save the Park! Will join you on June 26th.