David Slotnick- WNENA President’s Personal Commentary on Settler’s Park

From: David Slotnik
Subject: Settler’s Park-Personal Commentary
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2012 08:49:23 -0400

Hi WNENA Network

Please read this email,these are my comments following a PERSONAL visit I had to Settler’s Park (Don Mills & John St)  on Friday afternoon with Kimberly, Bernard and Rigby. It was a pleasure to meet all 3, and see their compassion and desire to save this GREEN SPACE.

Kimberly give me a personal tour of the site, and I got to say, just walking down the road with her, when we hit the open space there on my FIRST VISIT ever there my first reaction was WOW. This is a beautiful piece of land. I asked Kimberly how many acres were here and she told me approx. 100 acres, don’t remember the exact number she mentioned.  The view of this area is simply BREATHTAKING, and YES after spending a few minutes on site there, I do AGREE personally this land must be SAVED.

As anyone who knows me the last 5 years, I am upfront and honest, an willing to take a stand.  I wanted to see this land first hand, and to be honest those who know me well, walking this property was not easy for me, as I am currently having some leg problems, but to COMMENT I had to see first hand.

I  have to admit, up until recently and reading the Liberal article about SPRA and reading the article about Kimberly and Councillor Shore and their meeting, I knew little about the history of this land. Once I read the article I was interested in learning more, and if you know me, lol, I made a few phone calls sent a couple of emails out, and all this lead up to my meeting on Friday with Kimberly, Bernard an Rigby.

I have also emailed and talked with Art, President of SPRA, on several occasions.

Bottom line, after seeing this PROPERTY first hand, I want to say I support SPRA in their fight to save the land. I want to ENCOURAGE everyone on our extensive WNENA email list to support our neighbours and ATTEND this Tuesday night Markham Council meeting at 7pm.

WE must as we did on the Shops on Steeles, FILL THE CHAMBERS, I love that expression. WE must show Markham Council that the Ward 2 Community of Thornhill is UNITED and their friends around them SUPPORT their efforts.

I will be there in person, and I hope after reading my personal comments, YOU will attend as well. I also ENCOURAGE everyone to tell their neighbours to attend, its only going to take 2 hours of your valuable time Tuesday night. I truly believe this PARK is worth two hours of your time.

If any of you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, and I look forward to seeing ALL my friends in COUNCIL Tuesday night.  I hope all the Councillors on my email list, getting this PERSONAL email from me, will vote the right way, and support the motion to save the park.

Thanks for reading my email, and to EVERYONE have a great weekend, see you Tuesday night.


David Slotnick-President
34 Song Meadoway
Willowdale, Ont. M2H 2T7
Email: dslotnick@rogers.com
Mobile: 416-726-6722
Twitter:@ dslotnick1
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One thought on “David Slotnick- WNENA President’s Personal Commentary on Settler’s Park

  1. Liz Cooper
    June 25, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    Way to go David, once again, David shows why he has strong leadership skills, he speaks out well.

    I am proud of the fact the David, stands up for saving GREEN SPACES, and works hard to protect our community. I could not think of a better President for WNENA, than David.

    I think SPRA and GMRA , should really be thankful to have David Slotnick supporting their efforts.

    Liz C.