People concerned about the German Mills Settlers Park, its wildlife, health and safety of park visitors and residents around the Park

We keep publishing comments from the people who are concerned about the Park, wildlife, health and safety of park visitors and residents around the Park. Comments are taken from the petition “Stop Bioreactor Project Save German Mills Park”, which by now was signed by 51 people!

Comments on May 18: Visiting German Mills Park yesterday for the first time, I was surprised by its wild nature. I never thought it can be so beautiful right in the heart of the city. It’s indeed one of the most astonishing parks in the GTA. We should take care of it – not play with it. Please don’t destroy this beautiful place. Save it for our children!

Comments on May 18: The proposed aerobic “experiment” will be a health hazard to every resident in our community.

Comments on May 18: The proposed experiment represents an unacceptable, irresponsible health risk. The status quo does not. The intentional destruction of a rare ecosystem will not make Markham a world leader in environmental concerns and/or issues : quite the opposite.

Comments on May 19: This important greenspace is home to countless birds and wildlife and should be left alone. Not to mention, a residential area is not appropriate for this type of experiement, when the impact on the neighbouring residences and wildlife is not understood. Conduct your experiment somewhere else.

Comments on May 19: Leave the Park alone.


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