Pictures of bioreactor landfills worldwide – can you spot any residential development around? A Thornhill aerobic bioreactor in 125 metres from residential homes does not seem to be right.

These are the photos of different landfills converted into aerobic or semi-aerobic or hybrid bioreactors around the world. as well as some stages of the process of such conversion.

Please note that none of these projects has ever taken place in such close proximity to residential area (125m) as it is planned by the Town of Markham.

(Brief info on the project.  Plan  “The Applicability of Using Aerobic Technology for the Former Sabiston Landfill Site” was proposed on March 19, 2012 by the Town of Markham represented by Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Councillor Howard Shore, Gary Adamkowski Director, Asset Management, Brenda Librecz, Commissioner, Community & Fire Services, Prathapan Kumar and Bob Penner from Asset Management Department, Andy Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer, SPL Beattty Limited (Brian Beatty and Nancy Rennie) and the group of researchers from Seneca College (headed by Prof. Mahipal Jadeja). Full text of the Fcilitator’s summary is here:

Whatever the research value of this experiment could be, it cannot justify exposing the Thornhill community of German Mills Settelrs Park to the reported (even if very unlikely) side-effects of aerobic technology and other possible risks of biological experiments in the middle of densely populated residential area.

Sources of images:

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