Potential Advantages of Bioreactor Landfills

Decomposition and biological stabilization of the waste in a bioreactor landfill can occur in a much shorter time frame than occurs in a traditional “dry tomb” landfill providing a potential decrease in long-term environmental risks and landfill operating and post-closure costs. Potential advantages of bioreactors include:

  • Decomposition and biological stabilization in years vs. decades in “dry tombs”
  • Lower waste toxicity and mobility due to both aerobic and anaerobic conditions
  • Reduced leachate disposal costs
  • A 15 to 30 percent gain in landfill space due to an increase in density of waste mass
  • Significant increased LFG generation that, when captured, can be used for energy use onsite or sold
  • Reduced post-closure care


Read more http://www.epa.gov/osw/nonhaz/municipal/landfill/bioreactors.htm

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